blue suede shoes

On Top: Aqua sweater (old) On Bottom: Forever 21 skirt In-Between: H&M flats, Madewell necklace

My mom snapped these pictures of me after lunch and shopping on Saturday since my usual photographer (my boyfriend) was away for work.  I love these blue suede flats recently purchased from H&M for the steal price of $12.95.  I wore them here to add a pop of color to an outfit that was otherwise neutral, but with this outfit I decided to do some color mixing.  In the past I never used to mix colors, usually choosing just one color to compliment basic black and white.  This past summer I was all about color mixing, fully embracing all the neons and pastels that were shown in many stores.  I thought these shoes and skirt were the perfect compliment to each other and a good way to bring some of my summer color into my fall wardrobe.

Incase you’re a little timid when it comes to color mixing (it can be tricky!), I’ve added a traditional color wheel below.  Colors next to each other on the wheel tend to compliment each other nicely as well as colors across from each other.  Try it out!

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