bundled for a blizzard

DSC_0006Banana Republic shirt, Gap sweater, DKNY jacket, Paige denim, Converse sneakers, Tory Burch bag, H&M scarf, Rayban sunglasses

A lot of you asked me about the shirt I’m wearing (available in navy here) on instagram, so I thought I would throw it on and take some pics over the weekend.  Same shirt, different day, pretty much the story of my winter.  Between moving and the blizzard, the only thing I’ve wanted to wear is yoga pants and oversized sweaters, and usually they don’t even match.  Who can feel creative about outfits when it feels like 2 degrees outside?  I’ve already started eyeing some spring pieces online, but don’t want to kid myself.  I know we have a lot of winter left in front of us.  Until then you can find me in some kind of version of this look with layers varying accordingly.

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the best of Astoria (and goodbye!)

image1I’ve lived in Astoria for the past six and a half years and loved every minute of it.  Well maybe not every single minute, (parking can be tough) but besides that it has been an amazing home.  I lived with my girlfriends and then my now husband and have made so many wonderful memories here.  I’ve also been so lucky to live near some of the best places to eat, hang out, and play (more or less).  I thought as a fun little goodbye to Astoria I would do a round up of all of my favorite places.  If you live in the area make sure you check these out, you will not regret it.  Thanks for the memories Astoria… onto the next chapter. xo

Best seafood place: Taverna Kyclades.  Amazing, fresh seafood and they give you free dessert (enough said).

Best way to spend a Saturday: At the Astoria/ LIC food & flea market.  There are so many new foods to try and lots of little shops and cute stands.

sweetest somethings best of astoria 6

Best way to spend a Saturday night: At the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden.  Great place for groups and hanging out outside in the spring/ summer/ fall.

Best inexpensive dinner: Il Bambino. Half price bottles of wine on Mondays and delicious paninis, crostinis, and salads.

Best brunch: Sage General Store.  They have fresh, frothy coffees the size of your head.

best of astoria

Best sushi: Watawa Sushi.  A close second is Pink Nori.

Best juice place: Ginger Organic.  This place opened just a few months ago, and I’ll miss their fresh juices.

sweetest somethings best of astoria 5

Best coffee: Best overall coffee/tea spot would have to be Sweet Leaf, but my favorite individual cup will always be the hazelnut iced coffee from Brooklyn Bagel.

Best yoga studio: Yoga Agora.  No membership, $5 classes, and amazing instructors.  It simply can not be beat.

sweetest somethings best of astoria 3

Best burger: Bareburger.  Lots of healthy, vegetarian options too.

Best Grocery Store: Food Cellar.  Lots and lots of organic produce, right up my alley.

sweetest somethings best of astoria 2

Best Dessert: Vesta Trattoria & wine bar.  Order the baby Jesus cake and thank me later.

Best Hair Salon: Natura Spa.  I always go to Telmo, he is indisputably the best.

sweetest somethings best of astoria 4

Best view: Now I may be biased, but we had such an amazing view from the rooftop of our building.  I’ll miss it so much!

sweetest somethins best of astoria 1* All pictures are from my instagram.  Thanks for following along!

Tuesday ten: healthiest on-the-go snacks

healthy snacks

I’m into the last week of my cleanse, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions on instagram about what I’ve been eating and cooking throughout.  Like I said before I’ve been following the cleanse detailed on this blog, and I’ve loved the meal plans for new ideas.  I have a few cleanse friendly recipes coming up for you guys, but in the mean time I thought I would share my favorite on the go snacks for my Tuesday ten.

Since I work out of the home I eat a lot of my meals on the go.  I usually eat breakfast in the car, driving to work, and lunch at work, so 2/3 of my meals and snacks are usually eaten while doing other things.  While I know that’s not always the best it is a reality for many people.  I thought I would share some of my favorite, but also healthiest, snacks that can be picked up and eaten as is (meaning you do nothing to prepare).  I outlined below what makes these snacks good enough for my healthy list.  Please share in the comments if you have any healthy snacks you eat on the run!

  1. Lara bars: I love these for breakfast or a mid-afternoon energy boost.  My favorite flavor is the pecan pie, which is just almonds, pecans, and dates.  That’s why I love these bars so much there are very few ingredients and no added sugar.
  2. Macaroon bites: I love Emmy’s Macaroon Bites for a little sweet treat.  The chocolate cacao is great if you are craving something chocolate.  Plus they’re vegan and gluten free.
  3. Apples + packets of nut butter: This is my go-to snack that I eat almost every weekday.  I love the Justin’s almond butter packets, and they’re perfect for grab and go.  Pair with an apple or a banana and you have a protein filled healthy snack.
  4. Mary’s gone crackers pretzels + mini hummus packets: I was so happy when I discovered the mini hummus packs that come without the pretzels.  I like to pair hummus with the Mary’s gone crackers pretzels which have all natural ingredients and are gluten free.
  5. Snap pea crisps: These taste like a salty, indulgent chip but are actually a lightly salted baked snap pea.  Be careful, they are addicting and I could easily eat the whole bag without realizing it.
  6. Mixed nut pouches + dried apricots (unsweetened): I love the combo of a dried fruit/nut but usually most dried fruits have added sweetener so you have to be careful.  I love apricots because they’re naturally sweet, no need for any added sugar and they pair great with mixed nuts.
  7. Brown rice cakes: I love the Lundberg Farms brown rice cakes because they have just one ingredient, brown rice.  I usually spread these with a nut butter packet, some hummus or a mashed avocado when I’m at home.  When I’m out I’ll just munch on these plain, usually while I’m driving home from work.
  8. Plain greek yogurt + fresh berries: While this would not be friendly with my cleanse (dairy is a no-no), I usually love having greek yogurt with fresh fruit at least once a week.  I never buy any yogurt that comes with fruit or additives, I always just buy plain and add my own fresh or dried fruit and sometimes some nuts.
  9. Kale chips: A delicious and crunchy snack.  You could make your own but I love some store bought brands as well, like Rhythm Superfoods.
  10. Crunchy chickpeas: Again, I’m a sucker for anything crunchy and having these on hand will help you stay away from the potato chips.  You could also make these homemade pretty simply, but if you’re busy I love the brand The Good Bean.

winter wear

DSC_0141DKNY coat, Gap sweater (similar), COH pants, J.Crew boots, Madewell bag, Rayban sunglasses, Ralph Lauren gloves , Aqua earrings

Bundling from head to toe has been a necessity lately.  I ran into a problem when the zipper on my favorite puffy jacket from last year completely broke.  I was on the hunt for a new coat with only one requirement- keeping me warm.  I was lucky enough to find this coat that is not only super warm, but adorable too.  I love the furry hood and it has one of those cinchers (real word?) on the inside to keep me from looking like a giant marshmallow puff.  Winter and I are not friends, but I’m definitely interested in being bff’s with this new jacket.  Other contenders for close friends are mittens, hats, scarves, and boots.


almond & date smoothie with coconut


(Ban.do phone case, Banana Republic shirt, Smoothie- recipe below)

You don’t even really need to read this post because I literally named every ingredient in this smoothie in the title.  I included the recipe below, but I’m using the term recipe lightly.  It’s just five ingredients, plus ice and a blender.  And it’s delicious.  Since I can’t have any form of sugar on the cleanse I’m doing this tasted like a really indulgent treat and it was very filling.


Speaking of the cleanse, I’ve gotten lots of questions about it so I thought I would share a little update on how I’m doing as I come to the end of week two.  You can read all about the details of the cleanse on this great blog I follow, but it’s basically no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no red meat, no alcohol, and no caffeine for 21 days.  It sounds like a lot but it’s shockingly not that bad once you get the hang of it.  I think the hardest thing is preparing everything yourself and cooking every meal at home.  I’m someone who cooks a lot, and to me this even feels like a little bit much.  Besides being well planned it also takes a lot of being creative, and subbing out foods for ones you might be used to.  My cravings haven’t been too bad, but I will say I miss my morning coffee the most out of everything!  I know some people say once they go off caffeine in the morning they never go back, but I don’t think I fall into that category.  I only have one cup in the morning usually and I can’t wait to go back to that when the cleanse is over.  Other than that I feel really great and think this is such a good way to reset your body and reinforce healthy habits.  Let me know if you have any other questions and enjoy the smoothie recipe below and the weekend!  xo


Almond-Date smoothie with Coconut:

  • 4-5 pitted dates, chopped
  • 1/4 cup slivered almonds
  • 2 tbsp almond butter
  • 2 tbsp shredded coconut (unsweetened)
  • 1/2 cup almond milk (unsweetened)
  • 1/2 cup ice

Add all the ingredients to a blender and blend until desired consistency.  Top with a little extra shredded coconut.

*I think this would be even more delicious with a frozen banana.  I didn’t use a banana because they’re a no-no on the cleanse but think it would be a fab addition.*

rainy day blues

DSC_0099Forever 21 coat, Loft sweater jacket, Paige denim, Nordstrom sweater & bag, Hunter boots, Forever 21 hat, Ralph Lauren tech gloves

New York weather has me bummed lately, with all the frigid cold temperatures and rain/snow combinations.  Every year I forget how brutal winter can be until it arrives and then the only thing that can get me through it is the purchase of new warm gear.  I love my pastel blue coat because it makes me think of spring.  I also picked up this super warm anorak with furry hood recently and I am obsessed with how warm it is (see here).  It’s around now that I usually start looking ahead to think about pieces I want to buy for spring.  I’m trying not to do that this year and know it would be impractical since winter isn’t even half over.  I’ll just have to find some other way to get through the frigid months ahead.  Any ideas…?



our wedding day

DTWeddingHighRes-826Waiting to share our wedding pictures here on the blog was almost as hard as waiting for the actual day to arrive.  It was well worth the wait though because now I can finally share all the beautiful images snapped by our amazing photographer.  And at last I can share the exciting news that our wedding is up on one of my favorite wedding websites today, Style Me Pretty!  I was so thrilled that SMP was going to publish our wedding photos, it made waiting to share them totally worth it.  Stop by their website today to read all about my design inspiration and how I created the theme for our special day.  I’ll also be pinning all the pictures here, to a board I made for these images which are so near and dear to my heart.

Our wedding was the most special day I have ever experienced and I’ll be forever grateful to our family, friends, and amazing vendors for making everything possible (all vendors are listed in the SMP article).  And of course, I’ll be forever grateful to my wonderful husband who started making this day possible nine years ago when we met.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I decided to share and don’t forget to read all about it on Style Me Pretty today! xo




DTWeddingHighRes-715DTWeddingHighRes-202DTWeddingHighRes-753DTWeddingHighRes-772DTWeddingHighRes-725DTWeddingHighRes-686DTWeddingHighRes-845DTWeddingHighRes-766DTWeddingHighRes-1037DTWeddingHighRes-708All images: Kelsey Combe Photography


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