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favorite winter beauty products

winterbeauty2I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately about my favorite beauty products, especially the ones I like to use in the winter.  I definitely update my makeup products with the seasons, and have a few favorites that I use year round.  In the winter I like products that can give your skin a creamy look with rosy cheeks and bright lips.

wintermakeupfavoritesFace: Tinted Moisturizer // Blush

Eyes: Mascara // Brow Pencil

Lips: Lipstick // Lip Gloss 

You can see more of my favorite products for wintertime here, and check out my P.M. routine for great skin.

Also, I’m being featured as Head Stylist over on Lauren’s wonderful blog today.  Make sure you stop by and check out the post.  Thanks Lauren!


put your best face forward

tips for healthy skin

In the winter, I feel like I hate my skin.  I know technically it’s the same skin that is on my face in the summer, but it just requires so much more work.  My skin is more dry, my skin tone looks washed out, and the dewy look I go for is harder achieve.  I love reading skin care tips online and getting new ideas for products and feel I have mastered what it takes to keep my skin looking good.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the steps, it is most likely things you do anyway but just in a different order or with a new product.

  1.  Exfoliate.  I swear by my Origins modern friction.  It leaves your skin feeling baby soft.
  2.  Sunless tan.  I’ve tried countless sunless tanners but my favorite is  St. Tropez gradual tan mouse.  (I recommend the gradual even if you have darker skin.  The regular is really dark.)
  3.  Moisturize.  Every morning and night, but especially after your tanner dries because it can dry out your skin.  I use Clinique  because it has a great effect while still being lightweight.
  4.  Apply a primer/base.  I used to use benefits primer but now I’ve switched to Dior’s BBcream and I love it.
  5.  Cover.  I use Laura Mercier’s sand colored tinted moisturizer.
  6.  Spot check.  Cover any imperfections/ discolorations.  I love Benefit’s erase paste.
  7. Bronze.  Lightly dust bronzer over your face and neck.  I’ve used this NARS bronzer for the better part of 5 years, I swear by it.
  8.  Blush/highlight.  I use a combination of Bobbi Brown’s cream blush and this magical Origins highlighter called Halo Effect.  A little goes a long way!

You can read more about my go to beauty products under my ‘About page’ or in this post.  Do you guys use any of these skin care products?  Or do you have any tips for great looking winter skin?


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